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All-In-One Code Framework

All-In-One Code Framework(AIO) delineates the framework and skeleton of most Microsoft development techniques (e.g. COM, Data Access, IPC) using typical sample codes in different programming languages (e.g. Visual C#, VB.NET, Visual C++). For instance, the code example ATLDllCOMServer shows the skeleton of an ATL ActiveX DLL as its name implies. Each example is elaborately selected, composed, and documented to demonstrate one frequently-asked, tested or used scenario based on our experience as support engineers. If you are a software developer, you can fill the skeleton with blood, muscle and soul. If you are a software tester or a support engineer like us, you may extend the sample codes a little to fit your specific test scenario or refer your customer to this project if the customer's question coincides with what we collected.

А если вкратце, то это набор исходных кодов скелетных приложений, которые демонстрируют различные технологии и подходы к реализации приложений. Например, там есть хостинг CLR 4.0, Out of process .NET exe COM server и прочие извращения. Ооооочень полезный наборчик.

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